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Mother of Davis Dyslexia Correction program graduate, age 9

"We spent a lot of time searching for an appropriate program to help our son with his school work and all of the other challenges that can be encountered by someone with dyslexia. After the initial assessment, our son could not wait to go back to work with Janet. Perhaps the best accolade comes from our son, himself: I asked him what I could say about Janet and her ability to provide the Davis program. He said, "Tell them she's AWESOME!"

Davis Dyslexia Correction provides tools to overcome problems with reading, writing, and attention focus. These methods enable children and adults to recognize and control the mental processes that cause distorted perceptions of letters and words. Once students can be sure that their perceptions are accurate, they can resolve the underlying cause of their learning difficulties through methods that build upon their creative and imaginative strengths.

Ron Davis outlined the picture thinking abilities of many people with learning problems in his book, The Gift of Dyslexia. Picture thinkers deal with visual information in a three dimensional way, even if it is not three dimensional - like words on a page. Their picture thinking abilities help them to readily understand words that cause them to make pictures in their minds - like "butterfly" and "elevator", but written words that don't cause a picture like "that", "and", and "but" cause confusion and mistakes.

This ability to think in pictures is a great gift. Many of the greatest thinkers ever, such as Albert Einstein and Walt Disney, thought in pictures and struggled with the written word. Dealing with two-dimensional symbols such as letters, numerals, and punctuation marks cause’s problems. The Dyslexia Correction program gives a dyslexic the tools to recognize when a word or phrase has caused confusion and allows them to get themselves back on track.

Clay is a natural medium for dyslexics to use to learn. They use clay to make a picture of the definition of those picture less words that cause confusion.


Once the model is mastered (via Davis Symbol Mastery®), that word no longer causes confusion and mistakes. This picture of my granddaughters shows models they made of the words "the" meaning "that one which is here or has been mentioned" and  "she" meaning "the girl, woman, or female animal being spoken about". As you can see, one made a woman, a girl and a girl dog with someone speaking about them. The other made herself talking about a ball in front of her. Before the oldest's program, the word "she" caused her to lose her place while she was reading or turned into "he" in her mind causing mistakes of reading and comprehension. Neither of these things happen to her anymore. This is the beauty and power of symbol mastery.

The Davis Dyslexia Correction program does not use phonics, drill, or repetition (which do not work very well for dyslexics). Instead, we teach 3 powerful reading exercises that use the dyslexic's innate picture thinking ability to their advantage. The client quickly improves competence, confidence and comprehension.

After completion of a one-week program with a Davis facilitator, clients experience a marked improvement in their reading; however, the individual has follow-up work to complete at home. When the follow-up work is done, the individual is considered to be a "corrected dyslexic" who can read and write as others at their level. We do not attempt to "cure" dyslexia. To do that would possibly remove the dyslexic's amazing picture thinking ability. Instead, we offer the dyslexic client tools to control their abilities to allow them to read.

Interactive test for dyslexia is available here: www.testdyslexia.com

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Davis™ Reading Program for Young Learners

K. H.

Mother of Davis Program for Young Learners graduate, age 5

"I wish you could see the difference in him! His teachers send home notes all the time about how great he is doing, how his focus has improved and how his language skills have jumped on a weekly basis. I cannot thank you enough. You really helped us to acquire the tools we all needed to help him focus his natural energy and intelligence."

More and more families are interested in programs that give their child a leg up in reading and math. Research evidence demonstrates that children who are exposed to Davis methods between the ages of 5 and 7 are unlikely to go on to develop learning problems. Further, they are significantly more likely to be enrolled in gifted programs. Also, their basic word recognition will be among the highest levels expected for their age group. A family enrolled in a Davis Reading Program for Young Learners receives a program designed for the needs of their child and family with a Licensed Davis Facilitator. It is often facilitated over 10 half days and incorporates the Davis methods for focus, attention, and energy control. As with all Davis programs, clay is used to make learning, fun, friendly and fulfilling. Children who are part of the Davis Reading Program for Young Learners get the best possible start to their learning career. For more information go to http://www.dyslexia.com/davisreading.htm