Attention Mastery The Davis Attention Mastery™ Program - A powerful way to solve the problems of ADD and ADHD

The Davis Methods have produced dramatic improvements in attention span, behavior, and study skills without the use of drugs. In The Gift of Learning Ron Davis discusses how to help clients with either the “hyperactive” or “daydreamer” variety of ADD. As with the Dyslexia and Math programs, the client learns tools to focus and adjust their energy to the situation. They learn important social skills by beginning to differentiate between consequences they want and those they do not want.

This program is available as an alternative to the basic Dyslexia Correction program, or can be done as a supplemental program. Our tools for math, handwriting, and ADHD are detailed in The Gift of Learning

Davis Basic Concepts program for ADD

Davis tools offer a drug-free approach to successful management of ADD or ADHD.

Everyone with ADD has different areas of weakness. Davis tools deal with them all - the problems with staying focused and on a task, problems organizing work and belongings, planning and organization, impulsiveness, and inappropriate social behaviors. It often seems to others that the person with ADD is daydreaming or in their own world. This lack of focus may also cause them to lose their sense of time and forget which order things must be done in or if they have done them at all. This program changes all of that. These techniques work even for clients not formally diagnosed with any kind of attention problem.

Dyslexia and ADD Alternatives of Nova Scotia
The model above is of "Cause," part of the concept of "Consequence," which is "something that makes something else happen." The client has used clay to illustrate herself making a flower grow.

The Attention Mastery Program is a 5 to 8 day program done one-on-one with a Licensed Davis Facilitator. As with all Davis programs, the client learns tools that help with focus and attention and they learn to recognize and manage their energy level. Further, they master basic ideas called core concepts, which deal with how the world works. Clients use clay and their powerful innate picture thinking ability to master concepts such as self, change, consequence and time. These concepts are modeled in clay with reference to everyday situations and events. These models become the basis for a client's new way of thinking and dealing with their environment.